Toys In The Attic | Week 5


First of all, I want to thank Alex for inviting a second Alex to join the DPA Team. I will announce first and foremost, that I am in fact a Bucs fan, but I will hold all emotional feelings aside as I give to you all everything I know about this fantastic sport, called football.

Let me start by acknowledging the injuries that took place last week. My thoughts are with all of those that rostered Dalvin Cook and Chris Carson. As a Dalvin owner myself, I know how much it sucks to lose a bell cow like Cook. There truly are no replacements for players of his caliber (sans Le’Veon, DJ).

As far as Toys In The Attic (TITA) goes, I will focus my lineup suggestions on DK and not FD. Look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict AB and Zeke might go off in any given week. The actual skill of this magical fantasy sport really comes into play when we find those hidden gems that we hit on at lower DK values (sub $4,500).

I usually plan my DK team off a similar strategy, never pay big bucks for QB and TE. Try to find the deep RB guys that aren’t valued too high yet, and then pay up for the rest. Last week, my lineup included the names of DeShaun Watson, Bilal Powell, Wendell Smallwood, and Zach Ertz. This infrastructure allowed me to secure over $200 from friends and strangers off the inter-webs.

Without further ado, I will give you my week 5 Toys In The Attic….


Dak Prescott – Dallas Cowboys – DK Salary: $6,800

This call here is majorly dependent on the fact that I believe Zeke will be suspended, and this translates to Dallas resorting to an aerial attack. We know Aaron Rodgers will be throwing up points on the board, and Dak has been heating up as of late. Look for Dak to put up QB1 type numbers if Zeke is indeed absent.

Jameis Winston – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DK Salary: $6,000

I know, I know, it’s a Thursday game. I’ve heard it so many times, but I just don’t care. The Pats simply can’t cover anyone or anything. The Pats single-handedly gave Cam his cape back last week, and even made Devin Funchess look like his capable apprentice. This game has the looks of a potential shootout, and I love Jameis in front of the Bucs home crowd. Not to mention Dougie-Fresh back in the lineup to open up the play action, and it’s showtime!


Derrick Henry – Tennessee Titans – DK Salary: $5,200

D-Hen is better than DeMarco. Again, Derrick Henry, is better than DeMarco. I know it, you know it, and you better believe that the Titans know it too. Last week was rough on Tennessee’s rushing attack due to the surrendering of an early lead, but look for the Titans to get on top here against the fin-less ‘Fins, and feature their young stud out of ‘Bama. I like DeMarco for $200 more as well, but D-Hen is the preferred play in my book.

Frank Gore – Indianapolis Colts – DK Salary: $4,400

Dad? Is that you?

I am aware this dude is older than father time himself, but here’s the deal: Gore is $4,400 on DK and is still somehow the featured back in this offense (still praying Marlon Mack takes this backfield over). Additionally, he’s playing against the Niners who have a mediocre defense. That being said, I like the idea of paying down for Gore as a lineup filler.

“Only one more season till this ass is sittin’ on social security HEHEH”


Adam Thielen – Minnesota Vikings – DK Salary: $5,900

My guy, AT, is a major bounce back candidate for Week 5 coming off a weak performance vs. the cowardly Lions. Chicago has been getting burned on the perimeter lately, and my feeling is that this continues. Big fan of my boy Diggs here as well, but for $1,400 more, I would rather have AT, and use that money elsewhere. Take note of the return of Michael Floyd as well, which could distract the opposing D just enough to let AT loose, or just result in another DUI. Either way, we have guaranteed headlines.

Chris Hogan – New England Patriots – DK Salary: $6,100

No one has scored more TDs in the last 3 weeks than this guy. Yes, Amendola is back, and yes it’s the Patriots so you never really know, but you gotta feel good about riding the hot hand here for $6,100. Tom doesn’t trust many, but when he does, it’s a good sign. Hogan has significantly out performed new toy Brandin Cooks through 4 weeks of football.

“I like Turtles”

Mike Wallace – Baltimore Ravens – DK Salary: $4,000

Mike had a semi-breakout game last week, but that was only because he finally got his targets. One of my preseason over-hype candidates will finally unleash the fury this week against a wounded Raiders team. Oakland was sitting pretty at 2-0, and then came two brutal losses to couple with the loss Derek Carr for at least a few weeks. Not exactly sure what to make of the Raiders offense, especially with EJ Manuel taking over, but I still think they will be able to put up points. The Ravens will look to keep up, and that will need to get done via the air. Dial Wallace up for 80+ yards and a score.


Allow me to preface my TE section by saying that there is NO BIGGER ZACH ERTZ FAN THAN ME. Accordingly, I usually have a few shares of Ertz in a few of my DFS as well as season long lineups.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins – New York Jets – DK Salary: $3,500

A wise friend once told me that even garbage time is considered fantasy time – anyone that disagrees should have watched the last play of that Redskins – Chiefs game last night. Most of us think we want the players on the highest scoring most potent offenses, which is usually a wise strategy. On the other hand, the teams that are a bit less fortunate need to throw it to someone. Even more fitting, the Jets will be losing most of the season – meaning they’ll be playing from behind – also meaning the Jets will be throwing all day. ASJ is back from his timeout and has taken out his frustrations on opposing defenses by converting 9 of 10 targets for 77 yards. Ummmm, I am pretty sure that means just feed the guy, especially against a lousy Cleveland defense that has surrendered the most FPPG to tight ends in the NFL.


Tennessee Titans – DK Salary: $3,000

Yes, I might be picking on my home team Miami Dolphins, but boy are they bad. Until Jay Cutler stops smoking and starts throwing to DeVante Parker, the fins are screwed. Like I said earlier, the Titans go up big early with or without Mariota, and the ‘Fins are playing from behind. Look for a few picks, maybe even one that gets returned to the house.

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