The Daily Diamond – 6.26 – Free KBO Slate Breakdown – FanDuel and DraftKings


Hey Playmakers!!! Nick Marro here with my KBO Breakdown for both DraftKings and FanDuel. Until the MLB returns, my focus will be on the Korean Baseball League. In addition to my Core-5 for each site, I’ve also provided you with my top Pitchers and Stacks for tonight/today’s slate which locks at 5:30 AM EST on DraftKings and  FanDuel.

It’s been a while since we’ve had any Baseball DFS, so it’s important to remember the following. Stacks win tournaments, there’s a ton of variability, and variance can be your friend as ownership is often correlated to the lines/odds in Vegas. I recommend starting any line-up with a hitter stack and then building from there. We don’t yet have the quality Sabermetrics we do for the MLB, so we’re stuck relying on some older metrics in some cases. Regardless, it’s going to take some time to get used to this new league. The slate locks at 5:30 AM EST on both sites, so set an alarm if you’re playing for a lot of money and make sure your guys are in the line-up. If you have a recommendation for what you’d like to see in this article, just let me know!!!

Top Pitchers
Dan Straily/Lotte Starting P ($9,500/$24): Straily should finally get to pitch tonight after having his start rained out on back-to-back days. His match-up actually gets a bit easier now as he’ll be facing Samsung instead of KIA. Samsung is no pushover, but they K more than Kia. Thus, Straily’s upside will see a nice boost here. He had 7Ks and allowed 0 ER across 6.1 IP against this same Samsung squad on 5.26.Straily has an outstanding 2.78 FIP and an excellent 10.02 K/9 on the season coming into this one. He’ll be -160 favorite here. He’s reasonably priced on DraftKings and way too cheap on FanDuel. Again, monitor the weather, but as long as things look clear (and they should) – Straily is my favorite option on this slate.

Casey Kelly/LG Starting P ($9,000/$25):
His 5.00 ERA is certainly worthy of some concern, but Kelley is carrying a respectable 4.09 FIP and a 7 K/9 on the season. He’s allowing a .333 BABIP which suggests he’s been a victim of bad luck up to this point. Tonight, he has one of the easier match-ups on the slate against the SK Wyverns. He’s priced reasonably on both sites, and likely to collect a Win bonus as the biggest favorite on the slate at -190. It’s always a bit risky rostering Kelly, but I like him on both sites in this particular match-up at this price.

Drew Gagnon/Kia Starting P ($7,900/$27):
It’s a scary match-up for sure, but Kiwoom Strikes Out a ton, and Gangon has as good of stuff as anyone on this slate. He comes into this one with an impressive 2.70 FIP on the season, as well as a very healthy 9.66 K/9. If he can avoid the power in the middle of this order, he has outstanding upside at this price. He hasn’t looked great across his last few starts but he also hasn’t allowed a HR since May 8th, eight starts ago. His ownership could be down tonight if people are leaning into his game log. I’ll have plenty of exposure on both sites.  

Also Consider: Warwick Saupold/Hanwha Starting P

Top Stacks (and who I’m targeting):
Note: Just like in MLB DFS, stacking is extremely important. Since the KBO has far fewer HRs than the MLB, ‘small ball’ can be your friend. Your one-off plays should either be excellent value – or guys with raw power (or stolen base) potential. Try your best to stack and double-stack using the following teams. From there feel free to use one-offs.

KIA Tigers (KIA): Young-Gun Jo just isn’t very good. He comes into this start with a 6.19 FIP and a brutally low 9.7 K%. He doesn’t miss bats, and this KIA line-up is strong enough to take advantage. My favorite bats to target here are the outfielders, Preston Tucker (OF) and Ji-Wan Na (OF). I like Tucker as he’s one of the best hitters in the KBO, and Na as he’s the most egregiously priced. They’re going to take up your OF positions, but I’m comfortable prioritizing both of them as part of any KIA stack. Hyung-woo Choi (1B/OF) is another quality anchor for any KIA stack and another favorite option. He’s one of the premier power bats in this league and he’s priced extremely reasonably on FanDuel. He’s more expensive on DraftKings, but I’m fine rostering him on either site tonight has he brings serious upside. Min-Sang Yoo (1B) and Seung-Taek Han (C) are both too cheap considering their respective upside(s). They help open up salary for the more expensive bats listed prior. Chan-Ho Park (3B/SS) has been better lately after coming out ice cold this season. He’s a strong addition to this stack but I probably only roster him if he’s hitting towards the top of the order. As long as Ho-Ryeong Kim (OF) makes the line-up, I’d be fine turning to him as a value play here as well. I’d prefer him over Park here if he’s leading off.

NC Dinos (NCD): Jong-Gi Park looks like he might be a decent SP at this level. However, his numbers to this point are somewhat deceiving. He’s carrying a 3.92 FIP, which is nearly 2 points higher than his ERA. Additionally, he’s only allowing a .214 BABIP – which suggests he’s been extremely lucky across his first two starts this season. He didn’t do anything for us last night, but Eui-ji Yang (C) is my favorite bat in this stack as long as he’s starting. He has been nursing multiple injuries, so be sure to confirm he’s in before lock, but he fills a void at a weak Catcher position on DraftKings, and he’s truly one of the best bats in the KBO when he’s on. I figure after an 0’fer night there’s a good chance we get him here at reduced ownership. After Yang (or if Yang is out), Sung Bum Na (OF) and Suk-min Park (3B) are my second and third favorite options from this team. Na is one of the premier bats in this league (albeit an expensive one) and a future MLB guy, he HR’d in his first AB last night. As for Park, he has looked excellent this season and his price remains reasonable everywhere. Fourth (and perhaps even higher if you’re chasing upside) Aaron Altherr (OF) is a strong OF option tonight. He’s shown that no matter where he hits in this order he can rack up fantasy points. I’m happy to get to him on either site. After that, I like Jin-Sung Kang (OF) as lower-owned but still high-upside play if he’s starting.  The rise in his price has mostly kept his ownership down. Myung-Gi Lee (3B) and Min-woo Park (2B) both appeal to me here IF they’re hitting at the top of the order. Jin-Hyuk No (SS) is viable shortstop option if he makes the line-up. There are a lot of moving parts here so be sure whoever you select for this stack is indeed starting.

LG Twins (LGT): Geon-Wook Lee has been decent this season, but his numbers need to be taken with a grain of salt. He’s allowing a .253 BABIP which is very likely the result of extremely good luck. His 4.93 FIP is more than a point and a half higher than his ERA which also tells us he’s not as good as his recent results may indicate.  Roberto Ramos (1B) is back in the line-up and my favorite play on this team. His price is finally up, but he leads the KBO in HRs and his upside is as good as anyone else on the entire slate. After Ramos, Hyun-Soo Kim (OF) and Chun-Woong Lee (OF) are my top priorities at the top of this order. Kim is expensive, but both of these guys have been tearing the cover off the ball. Kim actually had a HR the last time he faced Lee on June 9th. The price on Chung-Woong Lee is so low that it makes him a borderline Core play on DraftKings. Another guy that’s just way too cheap, especially on DraftKings is Eun-sung Chae (OF). He’s looked great so far this season and he’s still reasonably priced everywhere. I’d round out LGT stacks with Keun-Woo Jeong (2B), and Catcher Kang Nam Yoo (C) as they’re both priced favorably. Yoo has been on fire of late and remains a bit underpriced everywhere. Chang gi-Hong (OF) and Ji-Hwan Oh (SS) would both make nice value options on both sites but there’s no guarantee they crack the line-up. If they’re in, they’re valuable pieces as a means to open up some salary. I usually don’t get to much Ju-Hyeon Jung (3B), but he seems locked in right now so I’m fine with him here as well.

Also Consider: Doosan Bears

DraftKings Cash Core
SP – Dan Straily (LOT) $9,500
SP2 – Drew Gagnon (KIA) $7,900
C – Eui-Ji Yang (NCD) $5,800
1B/2B – Joo-Hwan Choi (DOO) $2,600
OF – Myung-Gi Lee (NCD) $3,500
OF – Hyun-Soo Kim (LGT) $5,400

FanDuel Cash Core
SP – Lotte Starting P (LOT) $24
IF –  Eui-Ji Yang (NCD) $14
IF – Kyoung-Min Hur (DOO) $8
OF – Hyun-Soo Kim (LGT) $15
OF – Hyun-Woo Choi (KIA) $11

Top Value Plays on DraftKings (no particular order):
1B/2B – Joo-Hwan Choi (DOO) $2,600
1B – Jae-Il Oh (DOO) $3,900
3B – Kyoung-Min Hur (DOO) $2,300
OF – Chun-Woo Lee (LGT) $3,300
OF – Hee-Dong Kwon (NCD) $2,800

Top Value Plays on FanDuel (no particular order):
IF –  Joo-Hwan Na (KIA) $5
IF – Suk-Min Park (NCD) $10
IF – Jin-Hyuk No (NCD) $9
OF – Ji-Wan Na (KIA) $9
OF – Chung-Woo Lee (LGT) $9

BONUS BEST BETS:     (58-44)
Lotte Giants ML -165
KIA Tigers ML -125
LG Twins RL -1.5 (-110)

Nick Marro is a DailyPlayAction MLB expert and MLB Team Lead. He shares his player research/projections for KBO on DraftKings and FanDuel. Nick plays on both sites himself, and although he expresses his opinions, he may implement other plays and strategies without notice. Follow him on Twitter @NickMarroDFS.