Oaktown’s Success Story | How To Build Bankroll Via Satellites


A few terms you need to understand before reading this strategy/success piece:

Overlay – When a GPP does not fill to capacity, Draftkings has to make up the difference between the guaranteed prize pool and the amount of funds they actually took in.  For example, a $10,000.00 GPP with a $20.00 entry fee requires 500 contest to reach its target prize pool.  If only 400 enter DraftKings would have to make up the difference or $2,000.00.

Satellite Tournament – GPP contests that the payouts are entries to other contests.  Often times the tickets are for contests with higher entry fees.

The money that was won in this success story is from the NFL Super Bowl Showdown on DraftKings but hopefully everyone has been paying attention to how hot Zach Williamson’s NBA core nightly players have been.  He’s winning at a 75 % clip the past month and really was on fire the two weeks prior to the Super Bowl, which is where my winning began.

During the week after the NFL Conference Championships, I saw that DraftKings was having nightly NBA slate Satellites to win entries to Super Bowl Showdown contests.  The entry fee for the Satellites ranged from $3 to $6 to win entries into The Big Game Millionaire (with a top prize of $1,000,000.00) and the Wildcat (with a top prize of $100,000.00).  My next conclusion after winning a few of the Satellites was that these contest all had Overlay.  When you have Overlay in any contest, your odds of winning go considerably up.  For example, most of these satellites were only filling up to about 80 %, pushing the percentage of winners from 20 % to 30 %.  Odds were in my favor all week and I absolutely exploited it.  You’ll find that when DraftKings starts pushing a lot of Satellites for a contest – or even better, BONUS tickets to Satellites – it’s because they are concerned about that contest filling. DraftKings was concerned that it’s players would not fully understand or play the Showdown format on SuperBowl night and basically, from my perspective, were giving away entry fees through Satellites.

I started just playing the Big Game Millionaire Satellites, but on Super Bowl Sunday I went Wildcat hunting during the NBA 4-game day slate.  With a little bit of luck and Mr. Overlay in my corner, I crushed it for 6 Wildcat $333 tickets to add to the 30 Big Game Millionaire or Big Game Special $20 tickets.

Going into the Super bowl, I had accumulated $2,600 in entry fees by spending approximately $300 in Satellite contests. I spent the afternoon creating lineups, cracking BUD LIGHTS and honestly having the best day ever leading up to kickoff.

Some memorable screenshots are below that didn’t hold, but in the end I walked away with close to $4,500 and a real feeling of satisfaction that my plan of attack had been perfectly executed.  Yes, I was absolutely losing my shit going into the fourth quarter up $50,000.  It’s all about being consistent and taking advantage of opportunities when they are presented in DFS.  Good luck out there! You can win big with the right strategy and execution!

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