League of Legends – LPL – Slate Breakdown (6/29) – LoL DFS


Who’s ready for some League of Legends, Playmakers! Robbie Catterton a.k.a. TeamCATT here, ready to provide all of you the information necessary to compete consistently in the unpredictable, crazy and awesome world that we call eSports!

For all of our new playmakers wondering who is this guy trying to get me interested in the world of eSports, I am known as TeamCATT here at Daily Play Action. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA playing and following all sports growing up and was lucky enough to compete in both Football and Baseball at the Division I Collegiate level. I have been involved in DFS since 2017 and have been full go in this life we call Daily Fantasy Sports ever since. Just like many of you, I had never played eSports in DFS before the major sports leagues stopped back in March, but dove in immediately after we lost our favorite pastimes and have risen all the way to currently being ranked in the Top 25 Nationally in eSports in less then 2 months of playing, to go along with a Top 250 National ranking in all sports.

Alright enough about me, let’s get onto the real reason were all here today; League of Legends DFS!

(Best of 3)

LPL Game 1: EDward Gaming(EDG) – Ultra Prime(UP)

Another 2 game LPL slate is in store for us tomorrow and kicking things off are undefeated EDward Gaming taking on a one win Ultra Prime in our most lopsided matchup of the day. EDG has lost one map all season and have shown to be the class of the LPL at the moment and tomorrow I see no signs of slowing down. While UP have the ability to put up worthy DFS scores due to their aggressive nature tomorrow will not be the day that happens. In every individual lane you look at EDG has the edge and most are not even close. LPL Spring Rookie and MVP of the split, ADC Viper $7,800 (10 kills, 15 assists per game), is a lock and load play for me tomorrow as him and SUP Meiko $6,000 (2 kills, 25 assists per game) form arguably the deadliest duo in the league. While the BOT lane is where I will be starting my EDG stacks everyone on this team is in play with the only worry being to quick and clean of a game for DFS purposes. While I will not be getting to many if any, if you want the least owned underdog to pull the possible upset the way to start your UP stack is with ADC Smlz $6,800 (8 kills, 13 assists per game) as he seems to be who this team runs through and any success UP has so will their BOT. Ultra Prime are a very aggressive squad and will fight even when fights should not happen so while I do worry about the quickness EDG could possibly end this one in if it is drawn out then fantasy scores could reign supreme.

Top Plays EDG: ADC Viper $7,800, TOP Flandre $6,600

Top Plays UP: ADC Smlz $6,800, JNG H4cker $6,000

LPL Game 2: Invictus Gaming(IG) – LGD Gaming(LGD)

Closing out our day brings us a battle of two teams who one day look like world beaters and the next like versions of the academy squads. Invictus Gaming are a roller coaster team to say the least and currently sit with a losing record this split while featuring very talented players. LGD Gaming surprisingly to some look like the team that went to Worlds and not the team of the spring. They to though can be fantasy studs one day and middle of the pack League of Legends team the next. Tomorrow this one for me comes down to the jungle as LPL newcomer JNG Shad0w $6,600 (9 kills, 23 assists per game) from LGD Gaming has taken the league by storm with his ultra aggressive, I’m just better then you style and if he is given the ability to get ahead early this one will be over quick. For Invictus, JNG XUN $7,000 (7 kills, 12 assists per game) will need to slow the progression of his counterpart early to be able to assist his MID, MID Rookie $7,200 (5 kills, 13 assists per game), as the MID lane is where IG has the best chance at winning this one. Both teams are aggressive in nature and even when down will look to their strong team fighting abilities to bring them back so while the first matchup of the day brings us the simplest side to choose I will for the most part be forming my four man stacks from the second match with a slight lean to LGD Gaming.

Top Plays IG: MID Rookie $7,200, TOP neny $6,000

Top Plays LGD: ADC Kramer $7,200, JNG Shad0w $6,600

*TeamCATT’s Top Captains: ADC Viper $11,700, ADC Kramer $10,800, ADC Wink $10,800, MID Scout $11,400, ADC Smlz $10,200, JNG Shad0w $9,900

*Top Stacks: EDG, LGD(cash), IG(gpp), UP