League of Legends – LPL – Slate Breakdown (6/22) – LoL DFS


Who’s ready for some League of Legends, Playmakers! Robbie Catterton a.k.a. TeamCATT here, ready to provide all of you the information necessary to compete consistently in the unpredictable, crazy and awesome world that we call eSports!

For all of our new playmakers wondering who is this guy trying to get me interested in the world of eSports, I am known as TeamCATT here at Daily Play Action. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA playing and following all sports growing up and was lucky enough to compete in both Football and Baseball at the Division I Collegiate level. I have been involved in DFS since 2017 and have been full go in this life we call Daily Fantasy Sports ever since. Just like many of you, I had never played eSports in DFS before the major sports leagues stopped back in March, but dove in immediately after we lost our favorite pastimes and have risen all the way to currently being ranked in the Top 25 Nationally in eSports in less then 2 months of playing, to go along with a Top 250 National ranking in all sports.

Alright enough about me, let’s get onto the real reason were all here today; League of Legends DFS!

(Best of 3)

LPL Game 1: Thundertalk Gaming(TT) – LNG Esports(LNG)

Opening our day brings us the number one team in the LPL taking on the last place team in the league.  Winless ThunderTalk Gaming are taking on undefeated LNG Esports in the most one-sided affair on the slate.  TT are averaging close to 20 deaths per map in losses and LNG are averaging close to 20 kills per map in wins so we should be in for a banger.  From top to bottom LNG have lane advantages in this one making everyone viable in the morning with JNG Tarzan $7,200 (9 kills, 21 assists per game) being my top option from LNG.  Stacking him with MID icon $7,400 (10 kills, 21 assists per game) will be very popular in the morning and also hard to get away from as TT are using a sub MID laner once again.  While LNG should run away with this one and most likely via a 2-0 sweep, TT do have some talented players and if looking to use a very aggressive, lowest owned underdog then I would start with ADC SamD $7,600 (5 kills, 5 assists per game) as he is TT’s most talented player and showed glimpses of major talent while on his previous squad V5.  

Top Plays TT: ADC SamD $6,800, TOP LangX $5,400

Top Plays LNG: ADC Light $7,600, JNG Tarzan $7,200

LPL Game 2: Top Esports(TES) – Rare Atom(RA)

Closing out our LPL day brings us perennial powerhouse Top Esports taking on Rare Atom.  TES are the more talented team and typically should handle RA pretty convincingly but they have been extremely inconsistent lately making RA a very live dog in the morning. TES bring back four out of their five starters from the spring with the lone exception being TOP Qingtian $6,600 (6 kills, 10 assists per game) who has forced TOP 369 to the bench. TOP Qingtian is fresh up from the academy squad this split but has massive potential going forward and tomorrow he will need to get ahead early in lane on RA’s TOP, TOP Cube $5,800 (6 kills, 15 assists per game), as I believe the jungle will be a huge battle between JNG Karsa $7,000 (4 kills, 13 assists per game) and JNG Leyan $6,400 (7 kills, 13 assists per game) and whoever’s top lane is able to help out will go a long way in this one. Like I said above TES are the more talented team individually, especially in the MID and ADC slots, but do have a real tendency to go lone wolf style and not play as a team causing them to get picked off one too many times. While I fully expect TES to win this one, RA is the more likely underdog to pull the upset and if they can catch TES out of position and playing individually they have a legit shot.

Top Plays TES: MID Knight $7,600, JNG Karsa $7,000

Top Plays RA: ADC iBoy $7,000, TOP Cube $5,800

*TeamCATT’s Top Captains: ADC Light $11,400, ADC JackeyLove $11,700, JNG Tarzan $10,800 (stack specific), TOP Ale $9,600(stack specific), JNG Karsa $10,500 (stack specific), TOP Qingtian $9,900 (stack specific), ADC iBoy $10,500, ADC SamD $10,200