League of Legends – LPL – 1/12 – Breakdown – LoL DFS


League of Legends – LPL – 1/12 – Breakdown – LoL DFS

Who’s ready for some League of Legends, Playmakers! Robbie Catterton a.k.a. TeamCATT here, ready to provide all of you the information necessary to compete consistently in the unpredictable, crazy and awesome world that we call eSports!

For all of our new playmakers wondering who is this guy trying to get me interested in the world of eSports, I am known as TeamCATT here at Daily Play Action. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA playing and following all sports growing up and was lucky enough to compete in both Football and Baseball at the Division I Collegiate level. I have been involved in DFS since 2017 and have been full go in this life we call Daily Fantasy Sports ever since. Just like many of you, I had never played eSports in DFS before the major sports leagues stopped back in March, but dove in immediately after we lost our favorite pastimes and have risen all the way to currently being ranked in the Top 25 Nationally in eSports in less then 2 months of playing, to go along with a Top 250 National ranking in all sports.

Alright enough about me, let’s get onto the real reason were all here today; League of Legends DFS!

WE’RE BACK! The League of Legends spring splits are upon us and we get started with the cream of the crop and the LPL.

Week 1 (Best of 3)

Game 1: FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) – Oh My God (OMG)

We get our day started with what should be the closer of the two matchups we will see. FunPlus Phoenix takes on Oh My God to open our slate and while FPX are large favorites we cannot sleep on this OMG squad. From top to bottom FPX has the better talent and are a perennial top team in the LPL but fell off towards the end of the summer and even failed to make it to Worlds. With the way the summer ended for FPX changes needed to be made and I cannot think of a bigger move this offseason in the LPL then FunPlus signing TOP Nuguri $6,400 away from World Champion DWG. He is arguably to best TOP laner in the world at the moment and will only make former World’s MVP MID Doinb $7,400 that much better. While all the love is heading towards the top side of the map with the new addition, and rightfully so, the Bot side featuring ADC Lwx $7,600 and SUP Crisp $5,400 have the bigger advantage in the morning and while TOP Nuguri $6,400 is a lock for me the bottom side of the map for FPX will be a main staple to my builds as well. We all just saw OMG fall against EDG to open up the LPL season 1-2 but going into this matchup everyone was predicting a clean sweep for EDG. That didn’t happen but if it weren’t for a couple late game mistakes OMG would be 1-0 going into tomorrow. OMG finished near the bottom of the LPL in the summer and made a complete roster overhaul in the offseason and while they might not be a true contender this split they did add some promising talent. None was more apparent then newcomer JNG Aki $6,400 who almost single handedly pushed them over the top against EDG. If he and former Rogue Warrior MID Wuming $7,000 can get on the same page this is where OMG might be able to upset FPX as JNG seems to be to weakest link to this FPX squad. FPX swept OMG in the summer averaging over 16 kills per map but just last month in the preseason Demacia Cup OMG wiped the floor with FPX in a best of 1 (minus Nuguri) so anything can happen and if I had to pick one upset for today’s slate it would be OMG (I do not believe this will happen but if you want to be different).

My Core 2 for FPX: Lwx (ADC $7,600), Nuguri (TOP $6,400)

My Core 2 for OMG: Wuming (MID $7,000), AKi (JNG $6,400)

Game 2: Top Esports (TES) – Rogue Warriors (RW)

Closing out our slate is defending LPL Summer Champions Top Esports taking on summer surprise Rogue Warriors. On paper this matchup is as one sided as they come and even though we just saw TES go down to SN to open the season, I do not see a scenario where that happens again. Personally I think TES is pissed with what happened two days ago and come out trying to prove a point that they are still top dog in the LPL. Top Esports struggled to open the season but it wasn’t for a lack of talent, time and time again they were in contention to win but being the team they are their aggressiveness got them caught out of position too many times. While I do not see TES changing their style (I actually see them being more aggressive tomorrow just more as a unit not individually) this will not hurt them like two days ago. Everywhere you look this team is stacked with World Class players but the two that need to step up the most after lackluster performances to open the split are MID Knight $7,600 and ADC JackeyLove $7,800. These two are possibly the best MID/ADC duo in the world but whether it was over cockiness or just first game struggles these two were out of position far too many times in game one and I look for them to be on top of their games tomorrow as their lane opponents are nowhere near their skill level. Everyone on TES underperformed on opening day but SUP Zhou $5,800 had his worst match since being called up from the academy squad and tomorrow I truly believe he gets back on track as him and his ADC have by far the best matchup on the entire slate. Rogue Warriors are a perennial bottom feeder in the LPL but over the summer we saw glimpses of what this team can do. They start aggressive, stay aggressive, and end aggressive whether they are up in the match or down and while this led to a lot of blowout losses it also led to them upsetting some pretty big teams in the summer. Well that was then and this is now and RW is a shell of its former self as only JNG Haro $6,600 is left over from last season’s starting lineup. He is very talented and if Rogue wants any chance at all in the morning they will need to play through him and the jungle. While he is not as skilled as his lane opponent he does possess the talent to takeover any game at any time and he will be extremely important to this teams success tomorrow and going forward. One of the additions this offseason was adding MID Forge $6,800 from Vici Gaming and this was a great pick up to pair with their JNG. Like I said above the jungle will be the key to any RW success tomorrow so if running an upset stack start with these two. While I believe OMG is the more lively dog on this slate, RW is so aggressive we have seen them put up fantasy points even in losses so I won’t fault you for taking a stab or two with them.

My Core 2 for TES: Knight (MID $7,600), 369 (TOP $6,600)

My Core 2 for RW: Forge (MID $6,800), Haro (JNG $6,600)

*TeamCATT’s Top Captains: Nuguri (TOP $9,600 *stack specific), 369 (TOP $9,900 *stack specific), JackeyLove (ADC $11,700), Knight (MID $11,400), Lwx (ADC $11,400) Wuming (MID $10,500) Forge (MID $10,200)