League of Legends – LCK/LPL – 1/14 – Breakdown – LoL DFS


League of Legends – LCK/LPL – 1/14 – Breakdown – LoL DFS

Who’s ready for some League of Legends, Playmakers! Robbie Catterton a.k.a. TeamCATT here, ready to provide all of you the information necessary to compete consistently in the unpredictable, crazy and awesome world that we call eSports!

For all of our new playmakers wondering who is this guy trying to get me interested in the world of eSports, I am known as TeamCATT here at Daily Play Action. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA playing and following all sports growing up and was lucky enough to compete in both Football and Baseball at the Division I Collegiate level. I have been involved in DFS since 2017 and have been full go in this life we call Daily Fantasy Sports ever since. Just like many of you, I had never played eSports in DFS before the major sports leagues stopped back in March, but dove in immediately after we lost our favorite pastimes and have risen all the way to currently being ranked in the Top 25 Nationally in eSports in less then 2 months of playing, to go along with a Top 250 National ranking in all sports.

Alright enough about me, let’s get onto the real reason were all here today; League of Legends DFS!

Week 1 (Best of 3)

LPL Game 1: JD Gaming (JDG) – Bilibili Gaming (BLG)

Our first LPL game on the slate features JD Gaming taking on Bilibili Gaming. JDG came into the season projected as one of the Top 3 teams in the LPL (I still believe they are) but took an embarrassing loss via a sweep to IG to open the spring. BLG on the other hand came into the season as a projected middle of the pack team but unlike their opponents tomorrow morning they were able to taste victory on opening day. Everyone on JDG underperformed to say the least on opening day but tomorrow the jungle is key! JNG Kanavi $7,200 is thought of as one of the top players in the world at his position and he and MID Yagao $7,400 will be key to a victory for this squad in the morning as BLG runs through their talented JNG Meteor $6,000 who has found early success in the newly formed partnership with MID Zeka $6,600. While ADC Aiming $6,400 is talented in his own right, JDG’s biggest mismatch is on the BOT side of the map as ADC Loken $7,800 and SUP LvMao $5,800 are one of the top BOT lane duo’s in the world, making them great additions to any three or four man stacks. JD Gaming come into this one as favorites having defeated BLG the past two times they have met via 2-0 sweeps and while I believe JDG will win this one BLG has strengthened their roster enough to challenge them and possibly pull the upset if Meteor is on his game.

Top Plays JDG: ADC Loken $7,800, JNG Kanavi $7,200

Top Plays BLG: ADC Zeka $6,600, JNG Meteor $6,000

LPL Game 2: Suning (SN) – Royal Never Give Up (RNG)

Our second LPL game of the day features two of the top tier teams in the league. Suning takes on Royal Never Give Up in what should be a very intense matchup. Suning is fresh off their dominant 2-0 sweep of TES while RNG had an emphatic sweep themselves to open up the season. This matchup has the makings to be very DFS friendly as SN are one of the more aggressive teams in the LPL and RNG has seemed to change their playstyle from more conservative objective based to playing fast trying to take the game to teams. Just like in the first LPL match this game could very well be determined in the Jungle. RNG brought in JNG Wei $5,800 from V5 and my man did not disappoint to open the split taking over the jungle in the early game allowing himself and MID Cryin $6,800 to snowball the game to victory. These two will be extremely important in the morning as SN boasts possibly to best JNG on the planet at the moment in JNG SofM $7,000 who will come out aggressive trying to enforce his will on his lane opponent in the first fifteen minutes and if he succeeds SN will dominate. The biggest lane advantage tomorrow is in the Top lane for SN as TOP bin $6,800 is a man on a mission at the moment and boasts a distinct advantage over RNG’s laner TOP Xiaohu $5,400. ADC huanfeng $8,000 and SUP ON $5,600 have formed a deadly tandem having only played a couple times together and both would make great options in three or four man stacks as well. While I am leaning SN in this one, RNG in my eyes, is the dog with the most bite in the morning so taking them could be a great way to be different.

Top Plays SN: TOP bin $6,800, ADC huanfeng $8,000

Top Plays RNG: JNG Wei $5,800, MID Cryin $6,800

LCK Game 1: Nongshim RedForce (NS) – Liiv SANDBOX (LSB)

We open our LCK day with what should turn out to be the better matchup fantasy wise from the LCK side of things featuring two middle of the pack teams that love to fight in Nongshim RedForce and Liiv SANDBOX. Nongshim RedForce (formerly Team Dynamics) came into their first split in the LCK this past summer and took it by storm for the first half of the split before coming back down to earth and have made it known they are here to challenge the top dogs with the additions of JNG Peanut $6,600 and SUP Kellin $5,400 to their starting lineups. Liiv SANDBOX made some major moves as well bringing on JNG Croco $5,600 and SUP Effort $4,600 to help solidify a roster that just two years ago seemed primed for stardom. Not only did they bring on those two players they also signed DWG’s Founder to be their Head Coach who will only make this squad more aggressive. NS and LSB should be very familiar with each other as both teams battled twice in the preseason Kespa Cup with NS coming out victorious in both winning 1-0 and 2-1 respectively. While we can’t take too much from preseason matches both teams fielded their normal starting lineups in those matches so we should be somewhat comfortable with what to expect. It seems to be the theme of the day but this one will also come down to the jungle and JNG Peanut $6,600 is a monster with the ability to single handedly win games for his team and this is why I believe NS will once again take down LSB.

Top Plays NS: MID Bay $7,200, JNG Peanut $6,600

Top Plays LSB: ADC Route $6,600, SUP Effort $4,600

LCK Game 2: Afreeca Freecs (AF) – DragonX (DRX)

We close out our LCK slate with two teams that look like total shells of themselves from the summer with Afreeca Freecs taking on DragonX. AF brought in ADC Bang $7,200 and SUP Lehends $5,200 to help solidify their BOT side and while on paper this team looked primed to compete for playoffs this spring after watching them in the preseason tournament, the Kespa Cup, they could turn out to be a bottom feeder not winning a single match during the preseason. DRX lost four of their five starters from the summer and look to be one of the worst teams this split as well. The only player left standing for this team is JNG Pyosik $6,200 and while he is a very dominant player he will need his whole team to step up to not only win this one but throughout the split. Jungle is the only advantage I see for this DRX squad tomorrow so if MID SOLKA $6,400 can get on the same page with his JNG they might have a shot. For AF I will be focusing on the BOT side and the previously mentioned duo of ADC Bang $7,200 and SUP Lehends $5,200 as this will be the biggest mismatch in this one. Both DRX and AF are two of the slowest teams in the LCK and for fantasy purposes that is not a good thing so while picking one of these teams will be contrarian I see plenty of other options on this slate to target then this one.

Top Plays AF: ADC Bang $7,200 SUP Lehends $5,200

Top Plays DRX: JNG Pyosik $6,200, MID SOLKA $6,400

*TeamCATT’s Top Captains: huanfeng (ADC $12,000), Yagao (MID $11,100), Bay (MID $10,800), Route (ADC $9,900), Cryin (MID $10,200), Bang (ADC $10,800), Zeka (MID $9,900), Zoom (TOP $9,900) (*stack specific), bin (TOP $10,200) (*stack specific)