Bankroll Management 101: Contest Selection


At the DailyPlayAction, we like to get down and dirty with our breakdowns and analysis. With that said, we also value the importance of taking a cautious bird’s eye view approach into what it is we are exactly investing our hard earned cash into. In this week’s strategy piece, we take a closer look into the most common GPP contests on DraftKings from Week 9, and determine the magic numbers that were needed to get into the green.

What you are going to see below may or may not surprise you, but I can assure you that what you will find that this is good news for all of us. I have been noticing trends over the past few weeks, and was shocked when I actually broke down the numbers on DK contests. We can and will breakdown cash game contests as well, but to begin with, let’s look specifically at DraftKings GPP offerings of Week 9:

Contest / Cash Line / Entries / Max Entries

Sunday Main Slate:

$3M Fantasy Millionaire – 149.14 / 176470 / 150 MAX Entry

$150 K Play-Action – 143.38 / 59453 / 20 MAX Entry

$100 K Sunday Special – 145.52 / 5882 / 150 MAX Entry

$10 K Fair Catch – 147.52 / 980 / Single Entry

$5 K Goal Line – 151.72 / 75 / 2 MAX Entry

$3 K Red Zone – 158.34 / 68 / Single Entry

Thursday / Monday Slate:

$160 K Play – Action – 139.60 / 63416 / 20 MAX Entry

$4 K First Down – 137.52 / 4756 / 150 MAX Entry

$3 K Chop Block – 154.32 / 68 / 2 MAX Entry

Sunday / Monday Slate:

$40 K Front Four – 145.96 / 11890 / 150 MAX Entry

$13 K Bootleg – 147.14 / 459 / 20 MAX Entry

$3 K First Down – 142.94 / 3567 / 150 MAX Entry

$2 K Dimeback – 145.72 / 392 / Single Entry

The goal of a GPP is to cash at a minimum, but there is nothing wrong with playing for life changing payouts and walking away without losing any money. One takeaway I observed from the data above is that the MIN CASH LINES FOR THE SUNDAY MAIN SLATE ARE HIGHER THAN THE OTHER SLATES. In some of the contests, there can be as much as a 10-15 point difference between slates. What’s even more interesting is that the slate with the least games is producing the highest scores. Here are my thoughts on why:

  • It’s much harder to put together a lineup on Thursday for games that will not be played until Sunday or Monday. Too much is unknown regarding the Sunday/Monday games on Thursday when lineups are being made…weather, injuries, Vegas lines, etc…The lack of information results in poor roster construction, and lower scores – all because of bad decisions that take place on Thursdays.
  • It’s widespread information that Thursday players are generally higher owned than they should be because most DFS players are degenerates, and just want to be a part of the action on Thursdays. Many times, Thursday games are sloppy due to lack of rested players, which results in bad plays and plummeting scores.
  • Most of the DFS websites and articles about DFS often only write about the Sunday Main slate, which often leaves the Sunday AM (London), Sunday Night and Monday Night plays overlooked.
  • DFS sharks play more on the Sunday Main slate because they also want to have all of the information listed above dialed in before committing their high bankroll.
  • Sunday Main slate is sexy, the Thursday/Sunday/Monday slate not as much…I mean…we can’t even win a $1,000,000 on those slates.

Would you honestly turn down a better shot at 100k because there was no potential for a million?

What can you do to get Cashing?

  • Play more of the Thursday/Monday slate and less of the Sunday Main slate. The lower cash lines will mean you are less likely to lose money, which is key in DFS survival.
  • Enter most of your bankroll on the Thursday/Monday slate, and fade the Thursday game. Fading chalk Thursday bombs like LeSean McCoy this week will put you in a great position heading into the weekend.
  • Read this article next week when I completely blow your mind as we examine DK Cash lines, and how they compare to DK GPP lines. Contests can be deceiving. Let the professionals here at the DailyPlayAction guide you to glory.

Stay tuned for more GPP strategy and insight from Oaktown exclusively on the DailyPlayAction.