Back Up the Brinks Truck: Vol. 1


When I started doing mortgages as a career I remember I was always told: “You are are nothing more than a rookie for your first three years in the business.” What my superiors were telling me was that I was bound to F-up, kill relationships, make bad decisions, and ultimately not perform at a high level for the first three years. DFS is no different, and I am now entering my third year – finally separating myself from the rookies of the DK/FD world. Follow these simple rules, and I guarantee that you too can achieve profitability.

  • Most importantly…you have to BACK THAT CASH UP! Yes, I am referencing a Juvenile song but seriously “That lineup look good, better BACK THAT CASH UP! You’re a big fine lineup, won’t you BACK THAT CASH UP!” DFS is all about survival, and if you’re relying solely on tournaments/GPPs every week it will be difficult to profit. I personally don’t get too caught up in whether it’s a cash lineup or a GPP lineup. I am more focused on having the best lineup possible. I recommend BACKING THAT CASH UP in a 3:1 Cash Game to GPP ratio. For example, if I enter a $27 GPP contest I will have a minimum of $81 entered in 50/50 or double up contests. I am confident I can win in cash, so even if that lineup loses in a GPP, I haven’t lost, and will actually realize a return on my investment. Win cash – $162..lose GPP ($27) – net $135 and make a 25 % return on my $108 investment. You can keep reading this article but “BACKING THAT CASH UP” is really the only thing you have to remember in order to begin experiencing success in DFS.

Cash Game ground rules

  • Play a maximum of 2 lineups per slate. For example, this week I have two Thursday–Monday slate lineups and 2 Sunday Main lineups. I believe anything more than that and you will end up winning a few, losing a few and because of the rake ultimately not be successful. We’ve already eliminated a lot of risk by BACKING THAT CASH UP. Why incur more risk by having multiple lineups?
  • Enter each lineup in only 1 large field small dollar GPP. The large field (10,000+) contests essentially constitute entering the lottery. Are you going to win the lottery? No! Quit wasting your hard earned money! With that said, DFS is meant to be fun, so play your lineups in a couple of them.
  • Find the smallest GPP contests possible. Preferably under 50 people. Growing up I made the soccer team because I was one of the best soccer players in my school of let’s say 100 soccer players. Did I make the national team? Was I one of the best soccer players in the country out of 100,000 soccer players? Hell no! DFS has the same sort of methodology. With the help of the DailyPlayAction and your own skill set, you can beat 50 people in GPP, so quit trying to be the King in the Castle.

  • Everyone is always talking single entry and three entry max contests. That’s good advice, but focus more on Total Entry. You want to max out the amount of possible allowed lineups in any given contest to maximize your chances at profitability. If the contest is max 150 entries, you should have 150 entries to be competitive. If you are not going to have 150 entries, I would advice against playing that contest. I absolutely cream my long johns whenever I see a two max entry contest of 50 players that I can enter both lineups into (Total Entry).
  • Don’t play the primetime slates on (Sunday / Monday) or (Monday / Thursday). We’ll explain why on a different day.

Good luck this week and remember: IF THAT LINEUP LOOKS GOOD BETTER BACK THAT CASH UP!

My DraftKings username is Oaktowndailycrusher, and I run a facebook group called PMP DAILY FANTASY KINGS. I am also a $40 million / year mortgage loan officer in Virginia Beach if you ever need to borrow money for your DFS addiction!